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Life Data® Lamina Formula

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For Horses with a History of Laminits
Life Data® Lamina Formula is a laminae support supplement for horses with acute or chronic laminitis. Formulated utilizing the Life Data® Nutrition Research Program, Life Data® Lamina Formula provides the nutrients that can benefit many horses with laminitis. Life Data® Lamina Formula ingredients assist in laminitis recovery, reduce inflammation, supports the maintenance of blood flow in the hoof wall, and helps protect from or reduce the incidence of future bouts of laminitis. For the best results, Life Data® Lamina Formula should be fed together with Farrier's Formula®. Farrier’s Formula® supplies the nutritional support to strengthen the connective tissue of the hooves. Two bags of Life Data® Lamina Formula along with one bag of Farrier's Formula® Double Strength is a 60-day supply for the average 1,000 lb. horse.

30-day supply is available in 11 lb nitrogen flushed vacuum bags. Measuring cup not included in 11 lb bag.