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The Barn Bag® Pleasure and Performance Horse Hay and Pasture Balancer is a low calorie and low starch equine supplement that provides the horse a daily fixed amount of important vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and fatty acids. These nutrients are often lacking in the equine forage diet. Barn Bag® is a pelleted concentrated nutrient source that increases the feed utilization of the hay and pasture diet.

The formulation and nutrient content of the Barn Bag® is derived from research done at the Life Data Labs Research Facility with additional reference to the nationally recognized NRC Nutrient Requirements of Horses.

Problems it Addresses

Energy needs vary widely between horses and must be addressed separately from other nutrient requirements. When compounded feeds are used, the nutrients added to the feed are “force fed” into the horse at indiscriminant amounts in order to meet the calorie requirements to maintain weight. This leads to over-supplementation of hard keepers at their higher feeding levels and insufficient nutrient supplementation of easy doers.

The Solution

Unlike compounded feeds, the Barn Bag® allows the horse owner to feed calories separately from nutrients. The Barn Bag® pellets, along with hay or pasture, provide the horse's daily requirement of nutrients. Barn Bag® usually eliminates the need to feed grains while also preventing the harmful effects of over or under supplementation.

Hard keepers may require an additional calorie source in order to gain or maintain weight. Whole oats, beet pulp, or vegetable oil are the best options.


Additional Information

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