Compose 2x

Compose 2x

Equine Calming Supplement
Compose® 2x contains nutrient “nerve regulators” including tryptophan, thiamine, and magnesium that are provided at twice the concentration compared to original Compose®. Tryptophan, one of the essential amino acids, is a building block of a chemical in the body responsible for the transmission of nerve signals through the brain. A deficiency of tryptophan has been reported to lead to nervousness and anxiety in animals. The plant proteins of grains and hay in equine diets are low in tryptophan content. Thiamine is important in energy metabolism. Supplementation of thiamine can help control hyperactivity. Magnesium is important in maintaining correct nerve transmission and muscle function.

Maximum short term effect: Feed 2 of the enclosed scoops (85 grams or 3 oz. dry wt.) per 1000 lbs. (450 kg) body weight on an empty stomach. After feeding Compose® 2x allow 1 to 3 hours prior to activities such as loading, hauling, training, showing, new environment, grooming, health maintenance or similar procedures.
Long term maintenance: Compose® 2x can be given with feed as a top dressing twice per day. Feed one scoop (42.5 grams or 1.5 oz. dry wt.) per 1000 lbs. (450 kg) body weight in the morning and one scoop in the evening.
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